The Health Care You Need
Without the Insurance Bureaucracy

We envision a day when ALL Utahns will have quality health care… especially when they need it most!

Lower Costs + Less Red Tape =

Common Sense Health Care for Utah is a grassroots coalition of citizens who want to transform our current overly complex, overly expensive and very inefficient system of financing health care delivery into one that lowers costs and administrative burden. 

Our goal is to place a citizens’ initiative on Utah’s ballot which will enact a law that will streamline private health insurance into a centrally managed financier of health care services.  

The resulting efficiency will empower cost savings and reduction in administrative burdens to:

  • Allow Utah’s health care facilities to invest in patient safety and quality, not billing administration.
  • Refocus the attention of Utah’s medical practitioners toward their patients and away from prior authorizations and insurance contracts.
  • Return Utah’s businesses back to what they do best; providing excellent products and services rather than navigating the headaches of medical benefit design and cost.
  • Lower the financial burden that Utah’s state, county and city governments bear for public health care programs and  health insurance benefits for their employees with more revenue available for other valuable public service needs or lower taxes for us all.
  • Give some much needed relief to Utah’s families in their out-of-pocket  health care costs and eliminate dangerous financial barriers to care or fear of bankruptcy.

Healthcare for Utahns

Vision and Mission:

Our health care system is broken. To ensure a vibrant economy and healthy families, every Utahn should have quality medical care regardless of employer, medical history or income.

Our mission is to establish a high quality, comprehensive, truly affordable health care system for all Utahns.

Common Sense Health Care Board Members

Joseph Q. Jarvis MD MSPH, Chair, Board of Directors

George Groberg MD, Retired Pediatrician

Chris Anderson, MD
Sarah Woolsey, MD, MPH

Christine B Helfrich, BS, CCRP

Scott Poppen, MD, MPA

Brent Baranko, M.D., FAAOS

Mark Hurst BS, University of Utah; AA SLCC (Paralegal), Board Secretary

J. David Lesser, MD

Additional Contributing Members

Fred Gottlieb

Jan Garbett

Emily Bingham

Lynn Webster

Andre Baksh

Karina Brown

Make a Difference!

How You Can Help

We are a grassroots, people-powered campaign and we can’t do this without your help! JOIN US! You are the key to better, simpler and cheaper healthcare for all Utahns.


Together, we can create a future in Utah where health care is a human right and everyone has the freedom to live without medical debt. Your donation will protect the health care rights of other Utahns.


Do you have a passion for health care in Utah? Have you always wanted work in the community for a cause that matters? Do you have knowledge, skills, or a desire to help? Then we want YOU!

Create an Alliance

Are you involved with a similar organization who has the same goals? We want to partner with you and work together so we can impact the most number of people in Utah.