Access to Health Care
When You Need it Most

No more fighting the insurance company for “approval” when you need medical care. 

Universal Coverage for All Medically Necessary Care

Common Sense Health Care would be a publicly financed system with universal coverage for all medically necessary care. Healthcare would be financed by one entity and would cover all enrolled Utahns. 

Healthcare delivery would remain largely in private hands. 

Currently our multi-payer system is made up of multiple private insurance companies and multiple governmental programs, adding complexity, overhead and ultimately wasted expense.

Access to Health Care for ALL Utah Families

Common Sense Health Care Coverage Details

Female doctor with patient
Doctor with child

WHO is covered?

WHAT is covered?

All services currently mandated by federal law including:


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How You Can Help

We are a grassroots, people-powered campaign and we can’t do this without your help! JOIN US! You are the key to better, simpler and cheaper healthcare for all Utahns.


Together, we can create a future in Utah where health care is a human right and everyone has the freedom to live without medical debt. Your donation will protect the health care rights of other Utahns.


Do you have a passion for health care in Utah? Have you always wanted work in the community for a cause that matters? Do you have knowledge, skills, or a desire to help? Then we want YOU!

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Are you involved with a similar organization who has the same goals? We want to partner with you and work together so we can impact the most number of people in Utah.