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Standard-Examiner: “Nonprofit announces health care policy ‘listening tour’; ballot initiative planned”

Published in the Standard-Examiner | Feb 7, 2023 | By Harrison Epstein – Daily Herald

“For over 30 years, Dr. Joseph Jarvis has advocated for solutions to what he calls an ‘uncaring and complicated health care system.’

Jarvis, an occupational medicine specialist, was joined by other medical professionals and members of Common Sense Health Care for Utah at the state capitol on Monday to announce the beginning of a weeklong listening tour through the state to hear people’s stories and listen to personal experiences with the health care industry.

‘It is time for the people of Utah to change how health care business is done in the Beehive State. We need a better, simpler health care system that includes every Utahn, no exceptions,’ Jarvis said. ‘It is entirely within our state’s power to pioneer health care reform and it is appropriate that we the people of Utah lead that pioneering effort.’

The listening tour will begin Tuesday at the Provo City Library, followed by a Wednesday stop at the Weber County Library in Ogden. The group will make stops in Park City, Logan, Price and other cities until Feb. 14.

The next step, the group said, is crafting a ballot initiative to bring universal health care to Utah for the 2026 election cycle.

‘We want to make sure that we get the policy right. We want to make sure that we hear from everybody — from patients to small businesses — and make sure that we’re covering everyone in the best possible way,’ said Daniel Friend, a member of CSHCU. ‘We want to make sure that when we go on the ballot that we have something that is watertight; that’s the goal. And we know that it’s gonna take time to get there….’


Paying for health care in Utah is too expensive and too complicated. That’s why Common Sense Health Care for Utah will be visiting cities across the state to discuss the problems of health care in Utah and their solutions. We invite you to come share your story, bring your ideas, and help us craft a Better Way to Pay for health care in Utah.