The Problem: Rising Health Care Costs Are Not Sustainable

In Utah, health care costs are increasing, making it harder for families to get the health care they need.

Employers are shifting a greater share of health care costs to individuals.

Utah Cares: A Better Way to Pay for Health Care

Common Sense Health Care for Utah would give Utah residents a chance to improve the way that health care is funded in our state. We propose a ballot initiative that would create a non-profit single-payer system for all essential medical care.

This new program, known as Utah Cares, would make it simpler and cheaper for people in Utah to get health care.

Here’s what the change would do:

  1. Save Billions of Dollars:  This new system would make it easier for everyone to pay for health care. It would eliminate complicated paperwork and reduce confusing bills. It would have the bargaining power to negotiate better prices and the ability to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Utah Cares would cut health care spending by more than 14% over the next ten years.
  2. Preserve Access and Choice: Utah Cares would ensure that every resident of Utah has access to essential medical care. Patients would be able to choose their doctors and other health care professionals without needing permission from an insurance company.
  3. Eliminate Health Insurance Premiums: A payroll premium would replace payments to health insurance companies. Utah Cares would eliminate deductibles and co-pays for most health care services. All employers, including self-employed individuals, would participate, with a gradual mix of public funding from state and federal sources. Most Utah residents will pay less for health care than they do under the current system.
  4. Stimulate the Economy:  Utah Cares would result in a healthier and more productive workforce. Employers would face reduced health care costs, making their businesses more competitive.

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How You Can Help

We are a grassroots, people-powered campaign and we can’t do this without your help! JOIN US! You are the key to better, simpler and cheaper healthcare for all Utahns.


Together, we can create a future in Utah where health care is a human right and everyone has the freedom to live without medical debt. Your donation will protect the health care rights of other Utahns.


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